Alpha's Spoiled Princess - Burgov Series VI

Alpha's Spoiled Princess - Burgov Series VI


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Burgov Series book 6

Things have finally started falling in place. The Pack House started looking better, the people got used to the transition from my father to me and I can honestly say I fell into routine. But not in a bad way. I\'m probably one of the few people who actually peg this word as a blessing, not a curse.

Goddess knows my life has been a windmill since I was little. It wasn\'t all bad, because the family that steadily started growling when my mother met her mate was everything for me. However, jumping between two houses wasn\'t as easy as I pretended it was.

My parents weren\'t your everyday couple. Their love story wasn\'t even that, but actually a wild night when they were both too young to make sane decisions. f**k, I didn\'t even meet my father until I was eight. But they somehow managed to make it work and I haven\'t ended up being a complete deadbeat. Okay, I have many flaws, and I\'m perfectly aware of them, but they could always be worse.

And now, with things finally sailing smoothly, my life secured and settled, she comes to turn everything around.

I\'m not gonna say I was holding my breath to meet my mate. I was perfectly fine on my own. At least this way, no drama would rule my life, and anyone who has met me knows I don\'t do well with changes and chaos.

But her… I can\'t lie that the few years I haven\'t seen her were generous to her, but it still doesn\'t change the fact that she\'s basically family. Okay, okay, not by blood, but in every other sense of the word. And if that wasn\'t bad, she\'s probably one of the few people who has always annoyed me to no end with her princess attitude and throwing Daddy\'s money at every little problem. I\'m a simple guy, more than fine with pizza night, when one look at her is all it takes to know that she doesn\'t go below five-star restaurants.

Not to mention that if things go south, it won\'t be the problem of two people, but it could actually spoil my world as I know it, starting once again the drama I so dread. But then again, it can also happen if things go well. Either way, I\'m f****d.

Join Sean and Cilia in the wild ride of their love story.


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