The Billionaire Next Door (Hotel Billionaires #3) Tagalog/Filipino

The Billionaire Next Door (Hotel Billionaires #3) Tagalog/Filipino


Emmah Masterson Romance

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Aria Isabelle Sharbino was sold in a prostitution by her family at the age of 15. She expects nothing from people but betrayal. Trust issue became her best friend. Her heart is full of hatred as she grew up. Then she meets Javer Ace Martin. A man in every girl's dream – powerful, enigmatic and strikingly handsome! Not to mentioned that he is a total Casanova, a player!

Jace is one of the VIP customer in the bar that she is working for. He became her customer. Slowly as the day goes by, Jace outfaces Isabelle's nightmare in life – despite being adamant, her heart begins to melt.

But before they could start the fire between them, Isabelle met an accident. She awoke from her coma and couldn't remember of the demigod man before her, whose eyes shimmered like fire –full of passion and desire.

Jace had told Isabelle that they are married for his personal reasons. But as Isabelle's memory slowly returned, she seemed to mistake that their marriage was real created by pure love! She made a drastic action, having a final goodbye drink with her so-called husband, she announced that she will leave him and it's better to parted their ways.

Jace wants her back – but on his terms!

Jace didn't take too long to ensure that his “wife” moves back into his house. Trying to get Isabelle to love him again. And this will be the hardest game of his life.

A life-changing story of God's unconditional, redemptive and all-consuming love.

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