In Love with Leviathan's Daughter

In Love with Leviathan's Daughter


Gabriel Ooc Romance

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"She seduced me," Mike said playing smart. "You would have walked away and come to me if you so much need a f**k!" Gold yelled drawing the attention of passerby. "You are drawing attention to us, we can sort this out calmly without all the yelling," Mike said in a low tone.

It's all about the battle of survivor, battle of lust, betrayal, denial, and love.
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Tags: dramabxggxgmale leadmythologysmall townenemies to loverssuperpowerweak to strong
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“Please don’t kill us,” they pleaded. “How do you enjoy s*x with each other?” the Principality asked with curiosity as he lowers his double-edged sword. “Please spare us,” Kyle said. “I will if you two will agree to have s*x with me,” he replied. With curiosity, they glanced at one another, “And after that, you won’t kill us?” Maria asked. “Yes,……


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