The Knight´s Legacy

The Knight´s Legacy


Oscar Luis Rigiroli Suspense/Thriller

30 reads

If you love historical thrillers, this novel will cut your breath from the beginning.
Anchored in remote medieval origins and using a genetic distinctive feature as a red thread, the story starts in a castle in Nazi Germany, a SS training and command center.
The plot leads first to Antarctica where scientists carry on enigmatic military activities. Among them there are fanatical Nazis and skeptical scientists and soldiers, a fact that is premonitory of the conflict that will soon develop.
Some of these characters finally arrive in Argentina. Their knowledge of the activities in Antarctica expose them to persecution and great risks.
The nowadays characters attempt to unravel the strange legacy they have received, mixing strange Nazi mythology and very specific interests. They are thus faced with very evil men,
The action shifts from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro and finally to an area of forests and lakes in Patagonia until its dramatic culmination.
Vibrant thriller in its enterity


Tags: adventureHEstudentheavystraightboldmale lead
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As a sign of respect for the reader, in all my books I make a thorough previous in……


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