Mother of Alpha - Burgov Series III

Mother of Alpha - Burgov Series III


Joann Pole Romance

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Book 3 of the Burgov series.
Order of reading:
1. Alpha Convict
2. His disguised Mate
3. Mother of Alpha

Four years after the ordeal with Ilia and Autumn, Vanya finally had enough of waiting for his Mate, that took her sweet time, and he decides to take a chosen Mate and finally give the Harvest Moon Pack the Luna they all deserve.
But you know how subversive fate can be, so once Vanya was about to go through with his plan, in the most unexpected moment he finally finds the one that was written for him in the stars.
However the joy and relief can\'t overshadow an obvious few facts about his Mate. The beautiful redhead is a human and she has no idea who Vanya is for her, and she shuts down every attempt to woo her, having the worst experience with devilishly handsome guys like him.
But a mere obstacle is nothing for a wolf on a mission, however the fact she didn\'t wait for him, because why would she, might be.
After following a girl back home Vanya discovers that his dream woman is a mother of a seven-year-old boy and he has a bit of trouble making his peace with it. Especially when he senses that the baby daddy was a werewolf himself, and not just any wolf, but an Alpha, just like the boy is.
Was he waiting all this time just to find out he was already too late?


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Epilogue - Vanya

17 years later

"The day has finally arrived and I don't know what to do with all that free time. Should we ask Stan for a jet and go on a trip? Or find a hobby? I honestly have no idea." - Ilia said, sprawled on the armchair in the preparation lounge we'd been given before the ceremony.

"Maybe we should wai……


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