Games We Play - ACT I: Awakening (A mafia romance novel 18+)

Games We Play - ACT I: Awakening (A mafia romance novel 18+)


Ronnie Romance

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When Valentina met Matteo in 2019, they both felt as if they’d known each other before.
Everybody knows Matteo Giudice is the first son of a billionaire who is probably, but not surely, the head of the Sicilian mafia. Everything he does seems to be for his own pleasure even though there’s a certain darkness to him that seems to follow him everywhere he goes. Burnt-out from a young age due to his generational wealth, being bored is his biggest problem in life.

Valentina is the daughter of a successful Russian businessman and has always flown under the radar at school but now seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. There’s something a bout her, as if she has something nobody else possesses, that stirs up Matteo’s interest in the first place.

Somewhere along the way of trying to figure each other out they unintentionally fall in love. When buried secrets come out, their lives turn into a deadly game of power, in which love and war have no choice but to co-exist.

A slow-burn coming of age mafia romance novel, in which the only thing the protagonists know for sure is that fate doesn't care if you're ready for the love of your life.

ACT I, Vol. 1 of the Games We Play works.


Tags: darkfatedopposites attractbadboymafiacoming of ageslow burncrimefriends with benefitsseductiveDreame Love Story Contest
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Chapter 51 - Matteo

The way she kisses is incredible; it’s deep and dirty, like she’s enjoying it, and it’s exactly what Matteo likes. It’s turning him on so much it’s almost ridiculous, and his brain suddenly thinks of her saying she’s never had s*x in the sea.

The thought excites him even more, so he tangles one of his hands in the back……


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