The Lonely Alpha (A Werey Merry Christmas Series Book 1)

The Lonely Alpha (A Werey Merry Christmas Series Book 1)


A E Randell Paranormal

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In the small, snow-covered town of Evergreen, Christmas preparations are in full swing, but far up in the surrounding mountains, a heartbreaking discovery is made forcing Melanie to return to the town that her parents called home.
Amidst the festive cheer, Morgan, a lonely Alpha with a difficult past, struggles with the weight of his loneliness. He yearns for companionship and family, watching enviously as others come together during the holidays yet he refuses to allow any of the humans that inhabit the town to get close to him, instead, watching from a distance.
After a second tragedy strikes as Melanie travels back to her parent's home, she finds herself trapped in a snowstorm with the lonely Alpha, forced to hole up in his isolated Cabin to wait out the storm.
As they find themselves growing closer, Morgan faces a difficult decision with the woman who refuses to let anything dampen her spirit and seems determined to bring a ray of sunshine back into his life.
Will he keep her at a distance or will he finally allow her to break down the barriers he constructed around his heart long ago?


Tags: alphamatewerewolves
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Chapter 36 Tomorrow

  Melanie's PoV

  The embers of the dying fire cast an ethereal dance upon the walls, their luminous ballet a stark contrast to the weight in my chest. I edge closer to the hearth, seeking warmth, but the chill of loneliness is not one that can be soothed by mere flames.

  "Evergreen," I murmur to myself, the word tasting like a mix ……


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