I Can Rewind An Object's Lifespan

I Can Rewind An Object's Lifespan


JustEnjoyingMySelf Paranormal Urban

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I Hope you enjoy my novel!

This is a story about ability users who are isolated from human society due to their power that deeply troubles the world. Ability users are captured and put in the prison of Tartarus so as not to destroy the world where the common people live.


Tags: studentdramatragedycomedystraightgeniusexpertsupernature earthwarweak to strongStary Writing Academy III
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Chapter 64 - Plan Exposed

Then they saw Naoto walking forward while raising his hand.
“Are we allowed to destroy that wall?.”
When Naoto talked about it, the expressions of all the other group members started to turn ugly. If such a thing was allowed then there was a possibility that Jin Kazama's group would win easily. They only needed to destroy the great wall wi……


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