Caesar Sosa Game

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From the moment of its creation up to its release to the public, players realized one thing—this game was dangerous. A game so massive it was considered an alternate reality by its critics, who could only wonder how sofare like this could be so complex and so intricate in its design so that players, in o years of exploring its overworld, have only uncovered 20% of its content?

Enter Santiago, a young man who ventures into the world of Savanto seeking solace and contemplation after a hard breakup. And so, for the first time ever, a character is created in a place of the world not yet seen by players, in a faraway distant land called Mosasa. But his start is not one of heroism or stardom—he spawns as a slave.

So beg the tale of the Warrior Servant.


Tags: dramabxgseriousmystery70 Days Themed-writing Challenge
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A flock of dark birds—a sight as rare as it was eerie in the desert—hovered in circles, like a whirlwind of blackness, above the distant heap of bloodied corpses, dismembered and placed in a warped, artistic fashion. The heads, detached from the bodies, served as the garnish of that nightmarish pile of corpses, all turned outwardly for any trave……