Taming the fury God

Taming the fury God


Evelyn Obah LGBT+

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August King, a carefree freelancer that like to support those in need with his write ups suddenly died in an explosion.
"Sir, are you all right?' He heard a voice that was directed at him but didn't say anything in return because who are you kidding? That wasn't meant for him at all and so he slept back. But when he woke up the second time to see the unfamiliar gazes worried over him, that was when he knew that something was definitely wrong.
"Ha..I thought I'd died even without exploring life, not even having a single fun. Although everything in this world seems extraordinarily abnormal and mind blowing, but fortunately, I am still alive and on the safer side too. So, I must utilize it to the fullest" So August had thought as he decided to mess around, jumping from one person to another and anything at all either male or female. Forgetting the fact that he was from another world entirely.
But unknown to him, someone else somewhere had set his eyes on August. He was extremely Powerful and dark too.


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Chapter 77: Broken!

Melissa paced around her room as she calculated how she was going to meet August. She couldn't keep silent anymore.
Today was Saturday and although he was at home, probably somewhere in the castle, she knew very well that he must be busy working his ass off. What she couldn't still understand was why August was doing this to himself. He cared……