Husband for Hire: Andres Santillan; the Valiant Baker

Husband for Hire: Andres Santillan; the Valiant Baker


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Aya is a workaholic and career-oriented woman and only focuses on her work. She is twenty-nine but she still does not have a husband or even a boyfriend. In fact, Aya's life was sad; she was no social life at all.

High school reunion; others are excited about this occasion because it is an opportunity to see and talk to old friends. But to Aya, this is the occasion she avoids the most. She knew she’ll be the laughingstock of their batch since she was not married, and cannot even present a boyfriend.
And add to that, it looks like her grandfather is hell-bent on finding her a husband of his choice; an old family tradition that she wishes to escape once and for all.
So how can she go to the said reunion without being looked down on and made fun of? How can she free herself from the old family tradition that decides her fate?

The answer...

RnJ Services

It’s an agency where you can hire a man to pose as a husband or boyfriend for the right amount. Desperate because of her situation, Aya hired one. And as if fate is playing a joke on her, the man assigned to her was Andres, the cocky yet charming baker just across the street where she lives.

What if the husband who was assigned to her can make her boring life exciting? What if feelings grow between them? What about the agency’s rules?



Tags: contract marriageindependentsweetbxgwittyrealistic earthsassywifehusbandgorgeous
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