Brutal world (Warning for Innocent hearts)

Brutal world (Warning for Innocent hearts)


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"Ness..." Naina called her daughter's name with stressful expressions.
Nessie instantly put her tablet on the couch and looked at her mom, " Yes Mom!"
"Can you please go to Alexander's mansion, to check Alesso, that i***t boy has broken his leg...!" Just hearing the name of Alexander and his family Nessie's eyes almost popped out of her sockets, and sweat formed over her forehead.
Nessie instantly shook her head, "No way Mom! How can you ask me to step into hell, especially that hell which is full of devils, Just hearing the name of that horrible family see (Nessie showed her waxed hands to her mother) how goosebumps appeared on my skin" Nessie said, putting her palm over her fast-beating heart.
Alexander's family wasn't the normal family but it was the family of devils who had been hiding themselves under the human skin for so many years.
Nessie was very fond of Sr. Alexander's wife Storm, but Sr. Alexander, Alesso, Alex Jr., And Alexandria are horrible nightmares for Nessie.
They were the person who could kill any person with their deadly glare. They were like the walking-dead creatures, Scary and Dangerous, and Alexander Jr, He completely went on his father.
No one can predict the reason of Jr. Alex’s anger, if he gets angry he doesn't think twice before taking his anger out on others.
Join the thrilling Journey of Nessie Balchent.


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