I'm the President of my Newly Created Country: Volume 2

I'm the President of my Newly Created Country: Volume 2


Espector Fantasy

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The Department of Health and Human Service's secretary was transmigrated to another world, but he was not there to become a adventurer, he was there to govern of his newly created country using an special ability given to him by God "Country Creation".

He doesn't run in office nor elected and yet he will become the president of the rising superpower. Lets make an alliance, liberate those who are oppressed, fight mythical creatures using human's greatest technology.

Guided by his cabinet members and those who are around him who has a excellent expertise on every field. Thomas Harrier will lead his nation to greatness.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationbxggeniusmedievalanother worldspecial abilityprofessorpassionateStary Writing Academy II
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Sovereignty, January 20, 1565, in the continental calendar. Inside the war room.

Military staffers and councils are flocking left and right, trying to report first at the Queen who was busy surrounded by the military generals.

All of them have this piece of paper that contains reports from somewhere in the Sovereignty.