Forced Marriage With The Billionaire

Forced Marriage With The Billionaire


Elk Entertainment Romance

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"Elena, I've signed you up!" Elena's friend exclaimed excitedly.
"Sign me up for what?" Elena was baffled.
"The hottest CEO, Charles Luke is seeking a surrogate! And the selection is around the corner!"
"OMG, you signed me up for that? Count me out!"
"Relax, Elena. They are only choosing one out of 100,000 people. What are the odds?"
Charles looked at the girl he had been looking for, "You really want to have a baby with me?"
The first time Elena met Charles, she mistakenly took him for an asshole and untied his belt to teach him a lesson. The second time she met him, her dress fell off in public and he saved her, but then he asked to check her chest! Elena took him for a p*****t and the fake Charles, and never wanted to see him again.
But fate brought them together. The third time they met, Charles asked her to be his girlfriend. And it turned out that he was the real Charles Luke, the famous CEO!
What would happen next between them?

Hi, my dear readers, my book: Accidentally, Met My Fated Billionaire is on the shelf, here is the blurb, hope you like it:
“You ruined my blind date, so you owe me a girlfriend!”
“Do you want to marry me?”
“I’m glad to, but I already have a husband~”
You little liar, tell me who is your husband?
Everything was fated since he saved her 7 years ago...


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He chuckled. “I’m really fine. It’s water.”


She froze, and looked quickly at his back. Sure enough, it was intact and his suit was wet.


She was relieved, but soon she was filled with rage!


She passed Alexander.


Glaring at Hancock who had been overpo……


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