The Phantom Crystal

The Phantom Crystal


Sorax Kingdom Paranormal Urban

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Jack Baggins has never had a normal life. His parents are the famous paranormal investigators, Skip and Ken Baggins and his sister, Rae, started a billion-dollar advice company while still in school to get her medical degree. To say the least, Jack has a lot to live up to. But when Jack has an accident with a strange spirit who puts a strange glowing crystal inside his chest on his last day of winter break, he is about to embark on an adventure that even his sister and parents couldn't fathom. Strange people in suits and sunglass start stalking him, the ghosts on campus decide to bother him all the time, and he's pretty sure that one of his professor's is possessed. Will Jack be able to make it through his second semester? Or will he break under the pressure? He really hopes not, he needs that really expensive piece of paper called a diploma to get a job when he graduates in a few years.


Tags: adventuresensitivemysterywittysupernature earthsupernaturalmxmshystubbornStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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