The Pharmacist and The Prince

The Pharmacist and The Prince


EbonyPriestess Fantasy

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The ancient and proud kingdom of Seelsorger is being threatened by an invisible yet formidable foe. The plague. One-third of the population has succumbed to this foe and it is prophesized that many more, if not all, will fall. Desperate and in dire straits, the kingdom invokes a powerful magic to summon their destined saviour.

Ebony Johnseinne is a 21-year-old pharmacy student with only one thing on her mind. Her final pharmacology exam. Stressed and depressed, she hopes the century-old medieval book down at the town library will keep the exam fears from consuming her. What she doesn't know is that the book is a portal to a whole new world. Quite literally.

In a shocking turn of events, Ebony is transported to the fantastic world of Seelsorger where the locals think she is a god sent to save them. But someone wants Ebony gone and is willing to do anything to cut short her stay or her life.

Join Ebony as she navigates through magic, deception, death and chemistry in The Pharmacist and the Prince.


Tags: time-travelinspirationalkingbxgbrilliantmedievalvictorianscientistStary Writing Academy II
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