Legacy of Judah Gremory

Legacy of Judah Gremory


Septic Fantasy

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Judah Gremory it is not like every kid. He is really special... He is a member of Gremory Family, a family which is cursed for generations. And one of those curse it is dying at a young age or young adult. Most of the members of that family have decided to convert their Gremory blood into another family blood. Some have changed their whole life by becoming slaves, nobles workers and other disgusting things in Kingdom of Rodnia, or known as Kingdom of Romania.
Jump on this story to discover the adventures of a ten-year-old squire and his good friends, Ron, Gregonson, Lu, Fiona, Diana and Brother's Flint.


Tags: no-couplekickingloserlucky doghighschoolanother worldwar
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Queen of Hungaria

 Thirty minutes have passed, I think, and we have not reached our destination. It would have been a good idea to ask Fiona what the destination was, as this kingdom, which is said to be very rich in natural resources and magic. As we were still talking about magic, I decided to do something that would make our time go by faster. I'll check ou……


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