The Last Incarnation (Kalki Chronicles)

The Last Incarnation (Kalki Chronicles)


Lavina Punjabi Paranormal Urban

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Samaira loves Dev. He is a teacher by profession. Hideously, he is a representative of the netherworlds. Both belong to different worlds.
He did not have any weapon to kill but he still managed to damage her mind, body and reputation beyond any repair. By deception, he created a bad world for her. A world full of greed, lust, anger, betting, prostitution, penchant for gold and foul smell. A magical world of illusions inhabited by tantric practices and other-worldly norms.
He had everything, name, fame, riches etc…all that he needed except the one. What was the one he was searching for? Nobody knew except a few. They formed his core group of confides.
There was nothing about love that ever came between them. But they still had a story together, a love story. It was one sided love, though. He had a plan which she couldn’t figure out when at her last thought, the world slipped beneath her feet. His world, a creation of his deception and black magic housed her for a long time, leaving her with many questions unanswered.

Was she an ordinary mortal or an Incarnation?


Tags: manipulativeno-coupleslaverymagical worldcheatingfriendshiprejectedsecretswitchcraftspiritualStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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