Евгений Noir Fantasy

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In a world where predisposition rules. People are divided into classes: noble, commoners and beggars. There is another group of people who were not given a predisposition at all and were called “slop cats”.
Time freed these people from the world and this group was rare in our time. However, in the country under the name “Altair” there was an academy, where one of them got and it was called “Academy of Arts: Light and Darkness” or in abbreviated form “STORK”.


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Return to the old house.

After the battle with the princess of darkness, Felicia Art and the Kiriya clan. When the 7 kings took all the friends of the garbage cat. Ain and Helen were left alone. In the academy, they are unlikely to be accepted. You can't go home, Helen. If relatives find out that she has lost her sondera, they will laugh and officially, they will abando……