Favorite Crime

Favorite Crime


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Olivia had a life that was almost perfect. Her father was the city mayor, her best friend was a good handsome man who was also the son of the founders of the city’s top hospitals, and her physical appearance was almost perfect too that she could make anyone like her anytime. But the thing was that she hated her father for never giving her love ever since her mother passed away—which resulted to her becoming a rebellious teenager.

Dakota, on the other hand, had the opposite kind of life as Olivia. She had to do minor crimes at the age of 15 for survival with his older brother. She used to have a dream to be a nurse—which ended up vanishing ever since her life became miserable.

One day, Olivia and Dakota crossed paths as Olivia insisted to enter the criminal life of Dakota for fun. Everything was fine at first as they enjoyed being partners in crime—not until the time came when they had to be separated because of the big difference between their lives and the betrayal that cut the relationship between the two girls.

Years later, they met again as the both of them had changed to be more mature and powerful from the past years. Olivia had been holding the same guilt for years as Dakota had been holding the same grudge for years. Their sweet relationship had already ended years ago, but did their feelings ever change through the years that passed? What happens when they cross paths again? Will Dakota get her revenge? Or will their sweet relationship as partners in crime be restored again?


Tags: revengesecond chancepowerfulmafiagangsterdramagxgboldbetrayalcrime
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hi !

favorite crime hasn't ended yet ! the chapters you have read until chapter 19 are only the beginning !

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