Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt


Stephen Goldin Science Fiction

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A sexy interstellar romp. Tyla deVrie and her brother Bred race across the galaxy to find rare objects on exotic worlds. The Hunt killed their parents 20 years ago and, as they zoom through the galaxy in Bred's decadent space yacht with its all-woman crew, they learn that the stakes are no less somber this time around. Will the reward of eternal glory be worth the possible price of their lives?


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Chapter 9: Finish Line-5

But if they didn’t stop their present course, Johnathan would die. She had almost managed to convince herself that his “death” on Pompeii was not her fault, but there could be no doubt about her responsibility this time. She would be killing Johnathan, whom she had only recently realized she loved.

Why couldn’t he have stayed dead? In time……


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