Billionaire's Hated Love

Billionaire's Hated Love


Negative Flash Romance

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Fall For A Billionaire-Billionaire Romantic-Suspense Writing Contest
Megumi- A crime lord of underworld with a cover of philanthropist. The man with over burdened responsibilities took a different path from others and had created his own world filled with gold,money,fame and finally sins. After realising the shadows of his own sins stalking him and his beloved brother, Megumi burned down his throne to ashes. Too late, a 25-years old knife called Miyuki was already hanging down his throat with a flamed eyes and frozen heart. Just like energy, vengeance and anger was neither created nor destroyed as it would get passed from one person to another. Only wise hearted people would forget those things implied on them, but Miyuki wasn't one of them and not interested in killing him either . She wanted him to feel the same pain she went through that night, the pain of breaking a persons spirit without actually killing them. Was that too much to ask ?


Tags: billionairedominantconfidentdramabxgmysterycityoffice/work placesecretscolleagues to lovers
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CHAPTER: 117 End of Friendship

After fighting with Raj and Yuno, Megumi gets out of the church. He was so sad about beating his only close friend and the trusted people in his life. Then after he left, Raj got near to Yuno and helped him to get up and stand properly. Then he asked Yuno, “What do you think about his resolve? He wants to give up his entire strength and power of……


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