An Army From Nothing. First Path of Sky

An Army From Nothing. First Path of Sky


Ross Edward Fortune Lombardi Fantasy

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Mal Wear had only a small army vs two entire empires that wanted that army extinguished
But if he does not keep fighting regardless of all odds,
And somehow win!
Then Demons Will destroy the world!

This book continues after the events of the book SIN EATER.
The “Army From Nothing” will be following the military campaign of the rebels lead by soldier Mal Wear vs two empires to stop demons from ending the world.
These events of this book are happening at the same time as the books
“PHUGS! Path of Blood!”
Form the path of blood book 1
“A Quest for Allies”
From the Path of Sunlight book 1


Tags: adventurewarriordramaswordsman/swordswomanmedievalsword-and-sorcerymagical worldkingdom building
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King Grieg of the Cavern Hall of Edvard was NOT of King of all Goblins.

(A human royal family might have used the term “House” of Edvard, But among the Goblin royal “Houses” were called “Cavern Hall’s” instead!

But his goblin kingdom was the biggest and the most mighty. Not all the other independent goblin kingdoms paid……


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