Union Foundry Fantasy

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Catherine Sully is the Alpha's daughter. All her life she has known that her brother would become the next Alpha of the pack, but what happens when her brother decides that he doesn't want to be Alpha? Catherine is considered to be an Alpha Female in a world where Alpha Females are considered to be a myth. A legend. Catherine suffered trauma in her early teens that led to severe distrust of the opposite s*x. She vowed to herself that she did not need a mate. A mate would hinder her. And she did not want to put up with a dominant man telling her what to do. Hpw will she grow from a weak female werewolf to a powerful Alpha. What happens when her mate comes along? Is she going to fall into the mate bond? Or will she reject the man that the Moon Goddess picked for her?


Tags: BEfriends to loversplayboybadboykickass heroinetragedycampuspackmusclebearoffice lady
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Chapter 172 (The End)

"Do what you choose to do, Yarin. From now on, do not suppose of yourself as a toddler anymore. I agree to let you join the rescue operation."

I without delay cheered and jumped up, "Really! Thank you, Mom!"

"But there is one element I hope you can do your fantastic to make certain your safety. For Lily, for Kara, for y……


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