Black Mask: Lost Past

Black Mask: Lost Past


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Vanessa Rose Knight
Words people use to describe her-

Sian Setrove
Mafia boss
Had doting parents
Words used to describe him-

Two people so similar yet so different.

One loves the other, the other just wants one thing.

One wants nothing to do with the world, the other just want to be in the other's world.

One had a tragic past. The other had it all.

Two people so similar yet so different.


Vanessa Rose Knight got kidnapped by the italien mafia. He is hot af.

So what will anyone who thinks like Vanessa will do. Try to get into his pants duh.

But he is not that simple. He seems to know things only certain people know about her.

Who exactly is he? How did he know about her secret?

Will she fall in love with him while seducing him? Will she learn something that might change her reality?

Will she fall in love with the one thats head strong on making her fall in love with him or will she leave once she gets what she wants.


"You r***d me." Vanessa stated not even giving a chance for him to speak but what exactly is there to say.

"No." Sian said breathing heavily, panicking inside.

's**t. s**t. s**t. This isn't how it was supposed to go.'

"You r***d me." She raised her voice.

"This was all about you making amends, isn't it. There was no love, no nothing. You wanted to erase the guilt that was eating you up." She yelled out the first two sentences and concluded with a calm voice.

"No. No. No, Vanessa you misunderstood." Sian tried to convince her, begged her to listen to his explanation. But she just slammed the door on her way out.


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Who is responsible?

Elizabeth slowly closed the door behind her.

She walked towards the trio and sat beside Vanessa, who waved at her with a bright smile unwrapping the cupcake she was holding.

"Why are you here? Did you get into his pants." She asked in a suspicious tone. Elizabeth initially thought she was here to stay but recalling Va……


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