Dragon's Keep

Dragon's Keep


Maven Blackwell Fantasy

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Sabeline has been hunting the dragon Nivres for several months without success. As the destruction grows, the King displeased at her progress, demands she be sacrificed for her failure to the very dragon she's sworn to destroy.

Sabeline expects a long and painful death, so is surprised when Nivres takes her back to his lair.

There she learns that maybe the world isn't as straightforward as she thinks, especially when she begins to feel something towards her enemy. Torn between her duty and oath as a knight and her heart, what will Sabeline do?

Book One in the Knights of Idrelas Series.


Tags: opposites attractkickass heroinewarriorkingweredragondramabxg
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"Where do we strike next?" She uttered around a mouthful of fresh roasted deer. Nivres had finally released her from his tail, but it remained coiled on the ground surrounding her. She needed a distraction from the swaying desires of her heart and destroying another part of the Chaos Convocation was just as good as any. 

The dragon hu……