Jupiter the Stupider

Jupiter the Stupider


Brian Prousky Other

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An underachieving young man who accidentally discovers he’s the world’s most talented athlete.

A humble school photographer who sees her life transformed into a fairy tale.

A rabbinical student whose regimented existence is turned on its head after beginning an affair with a woman outside his religion.

A novelist who abandons motherhood because of the burden it imposes on her writing.

A mountain climber whose fame is matched only by his reclusiveness.

A waitress whose self-esteem rises or falls each time a certain stranger visits her restaurant.

A woman who leaves her comfortable home and successful business to work in a faraway slum in the belief that, only there, can she repair her broken life.

An abhorrently behaved physicist who, in all likelihood, has proven the existence of God.

These are only some of the unforgettable eccentrics, loners and misfits who populate the pages of Jupiter The Stupider.

Mixing folklore, satire and stark realism, Brian Prousky has created a wide-ranging and uncommonly enchanting collection of stories.


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About the Author

Brian Prousky spent most of his life as two distinct people. The first held a day job and raised a family and was public and sociable. The second ruminated over sentences and wrote books in secret and dreamed of living a literary life. They shared little in common, mostly their obsessions—Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Mozart, Saul Bellow, Roberto Bo……


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