Darcingtowne Wolves: The Misfits (Book 1)

Darcingtowne Wolves: The Misfits (Book 1)


GwendolynFriend Fantasy

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After being accepted to the prestigious Promenade Collegiate university, young Alpha female Penelope Silvius finds herself thrown into the complex world of inter-alliance pack politics, rude royal relatives, and a complicated mate who can't seem to decide what he really wants. Will she fight for not just for her pack of Misfits, but her true fated mate - even if he says doesn't want her?


Tags: alphagoodgirlindependentdramabxghumorousroyalsecretssupernaturalschoolRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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“Princess isn’t just a nickname.” Penelope said, her voice uncharacteristically shaky - though she seemed to let her vulnerability come through a lot more when they were alone. She couldn’t help herself; she didn’t want to put on a front with her mate. Especially not now, when he was wearing her mark.

“What?” Tobias said, looking baffled b……