A Cursed Mask, A Medical Legend

A Cursed Mask, A Medical Legend


Erliangmantou others

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Declan was a doctor, he sacrificed everything for his girlfriend, who ended up betraying him.
He wanted revenge.
He got a magical mask at this time, he put it on but didn't know the mask held the power that could stir up one's deepest desire, it gifted Declan a superpower--golden finger.
Declan's brain was implanted with a full set of high medical skills.
Since then, Declan was able to cure any wounds and scars, with one touch, he could stop one's bleeding, read all biodata from any person, and diagnose diseases without any medical equipment, and held the power to cure even cancer and leukaemia.
But the power on his golden finger could run out if overused, he needed to recharge it, and the only way to regain power was women.
And right now there were two women before him, one was his ex, another one was...


Latest Updated
Chapter 1634

  The two ghost cultivators had suffered a lot. They were struck by the Sky Thunder again and again by Declan. Each time, the strength he used was just right and would not kill them. However, it could make them feel as if they were living in hell!

  "Please let us go. We are willing to do anything for you. We will listen to your orders. If……


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