Modern Magick, Volume 2

Modern Magick, Volume 2


Charlotte E. English Fantasy

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The fight to save British magick rages on — and it’s taking the Society’s beleaguered champions away from Home. Far, far away, to worlds long lost; worlds no one could ever have imagined existed.

Dangers and mysteries abound, which is way up Ves’s street. Jay isn’t quite so sure. Severed as they are from the Society’s support, will magick’s unlikely heroes make it Home unscathed?

It’ll be fine. After all, these lost magickal domains are the Society’s ultimate dream. What could possibly be so bad about that?

The Society for Magickal Heritage battles modern decay in three thrilling new Modern Magick adventures: The Fifth Britain, Royalty and Ruin, and Music and Misadventure.


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Val was deep in a book, of course; I rarely saw her in any other state. She did not immediately look up as I trailed into the library, so I sat in the chair opposite and laid my cheek against Robin Goodfellow’s soft fur.

‘Bad week, hm?’ said Val.

‘Mmpf,’ I said.

She closed her book, handling it with tender care. ‘The Baron left……