Imperfect Luna and the Alpha King

Imperfect Luna and the Alpha King


La Mentira Paranormal Urban

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She was abused, humiliated, and rejected nine times by Alpha Prince because of her monstrous face. One day, she murdered an abusive Alpha Prince of Fillans, using a strange force that suddenly appeared within her soul. The crime has caused her to be threatened with a death sentence.
But someone came to save her life. He was Grey Jasper Velixus, the cursed Alpha of the Velixus family. Grey freed her from the death penalty and took her away from her pack.
He claimed to be her mate and crowned her as his Luna. Sadly, just as she thought things in her life were about to change, it turns out that her savior alpha was a ruthless, heartless, and egotistical jerk head of the highest kind. He was an absolute bastard who thought he could do whatever he desired. Elena hates him with every fiber of her being, but he also has this power over her, over every part of her.
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[ "You are mine, Elena." He smirked, slowly approaching me like a predator stalking its prey. "Let go of me!!"
"No!" His deep voice echoed throughout the room. My heart beat fast. Fear was slowly creeping up my body.
He leaned closer to me, his burning breath hitting my cheeks. I tried to turn my head but was prevented by the pressure he put in his grip. A slight sound came from my throat, "I beg you to let me go... Grey..."]


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Iluva turned to the man walking behind her, the man who was now dressed as a woman as one of his disguises. The man bowed his head, clutching his chest and groaning in pain.

"What is it, Mr Ramos?"

"Something has happened. I'm afraid that..." Ramos' face turned pale instantly and that immediately made Iluva panic……


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