Aiko: Rise of The goddess of War

Aiko: Rise of The goddess of War


Iren Kaykay Paranormal Urban

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Aiko was born for a reason. Being the daughter of the Japanese god of warriors, she is set out on a mission to destroy her father's enemy who had destroyed the spirit realms in order to gain maximum power. In her first life, she is captured and forced to fight Hama-Noshima, who ends up killing her. Aiko is reborn with vengeance, visits her past life with the help of her Greek guardian,Theodore. He teaches her about her past life, and learns about the magnitude of her powers. She will have to stop Hama-Noshima at all means and restore honour and peace.


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Chapter Thirty


Mr and Mrs. Cartwright, barged into a slightly big hospital room where there were two beds. Aiko was laying on one while Emelie was sitting up, using her phone.

"Aiko!" Her mother hollered out in concern and wrapped her arms around her small frame when they reached her bed.

"What happened to you?" Her bald he……