The high school bully’s obsession. [completed]

The high school bully’s obsession. [completed]


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" what's your name!?" I demanded and she looked down biting her lips. " I asked you a question!" I demanded again and this time she let out a shaky breath.
" m-my name is Emma." She replied and I smirked a little at that. I took her hair in my hand and smelled it like the weirdo i was. My friends began chuckling and I saw her blushing. She smells like cherry which suited her and now became my favorite scent.
" good now you're my girl." I stated and she chose that moment to look me in my eyes shocked as to what I just said
" your girl?" She asked and I gestured to Julian and mason to let her go because she started to get a bit uncomfortable. I got in her face and inhaled the scent coming from her neck and kissed her cheek.
" yeah my girl. You are mine from now on Emma, whether you liked it or not." I said through gritted teeth and she nodded her head while she dashed out of there like her life depended on it, well maybe it did.

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