King's Wife

King's Wife


Kristine Anne Pineda Fantasy

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I was raised in a castle, full of girls no guys allowed boarding school. I was dressed and fed I was taken care of like a Princess but who would have known that I was one ? Well they do, but I didn't, so imagine how surprised I am that on my 16th birthday I was taken to the palace to meet the person who apparently "owns" me.

Imagine how shocked I was to learn that while I lived — well a comfortable but ordinary life —, I was nothing but ordinary. I am what they call "The chosen girl" and this has been decided since the day I was born with the blood so powerful I am the only person that can keep the man who "owns" me alive, I am the only woman who can carry his child, and the irony ? He is the only one that can save me from death on my 18th birthday.

I don't know about you but this is one hell of a 16th birthday. Well go ahead and keep on reading then I'll tell you what happened from the very beginning


Tags: sexforcedsubmissivegoodgirltwistedsweetroyalanother worldvirginpassionateYugto Writing Contest—All The Young / Girl Power
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Zandrei Canmore was staring at the window watching while the storm devastate the trees outside his palace. Today marks his 114th birthday and his 89th yr as the King of Cardiff, 89 yrs ago he was crowned king and 89yrs ago he learned a very shocking truth, he inherited the first Cardiff King's curse — to be a half immortal.


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