Severing Time & Space

Severing Time & Space


Brandon Fantasy

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Wu Jian comes from a small clan eking out a living in the countryside. Despite being the clan heir, he is bullied for being cowardly and weak. In a world where the strength of a person's cultivation determines their lot in life, weakness is not allowed, and those who possess it are often stamped out.

But Wu Jian doesn't want to remain weak. He doesn't want to stay a coward. He wants to be strong.

Witness the rise of one young man who, with the help of his childhood friend, will face adversity, forge new bonds of love and friendship, and gain the strength needed to protect his loved ones and find meaning in his life.

It all begins here.

[Disclaimer: This is an addictive, slow-burn harem story about a hard-working protagonist who wants to get stronger for the people he loves. If you're sick and tired of reading the same old cultivation stories about OP MCs who never work for their power, this novel will give you new life. You will laugh, cry, scream kawaii, and probably curse the author every so often. Prepare for everything from slice-of-life to action/adventure to epic battles and political machinations and everything in-between!]


Tags: adventureBEHEkingcomedyharem
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Inner Court Disciple Test, Part I

Everyone followed Yu Qian to the arena floor. The stands were full of people, so many that they looked like nothing but a sea of hair.

Wu Jian’s eyes were better than most, and because of that, he spotted Hou Jingshu near the front seating. She was surrounded by her fellow Core Disciples. Most of them were men, but a few were women. It loo……


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