Rise of Tempest Merlin

Rise of Tempest Merlin


Shreya Chakraborty Game

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There is threat looming over the human world and the humans are thoroughly unaware of that.
The veil between the magical world and the human world is thinning and a war is going to happen soon if the things are not brought under control. And the only person who can do that is a quadriplegic girl who has been given her death sentence by her caregivers.
But there is another way. A hard one, one that has been made to make her realize her own worth and her capability. A nameless orphan dies helpless in her bed pressing the button of a fantasy mythological game Grecian Quests and her soul gets sucked into the game where she lands in the only one Avatar which could not be chosen by any other player. The one made for her.
Tempest Merlin.
The child of Chaos and the child of Spirit. Within whom Darkness and Light are balanced so equally that she can single handedly bring everything to heels. But will she be able to rise up to all the challenges inside the game where she will come face to face with not only her worst nightmares but also creatures which should have never existed in the first place. With a rag tag team of gamers in their Avatars who have her back Tempest Merlin is on a quest to search her name, her identity and her destiny….
For with great power comes great responsibility.


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Chapter 18

Tempest’s POV

“Are you sure, lass?” asked the Spartan warrior. I was definitely not sure about this but there was no chance in hell that I was going to let this get away from me.

“Of course. Do you think that I would try and get in this without thinking about the pros and cons?” I asked him haughtily but I had a growing fear in my he……