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After the roller coaster at Kentucky, Mr. Davies leaves Kentucky for Nigeria alongside his wife and daughter. Mr. Davies opts in for a white-collar job in Nigeria. Little does he know that his life would be shortened at the greener pasture.
The chucklesome and great storyteller, Mrs. Evelyn, tries her best to train her fatherless daughter, Joyce, in school. Between all these, Joyce is a witty, consistent and a determined fellow. Joyce promises to make her mum smile someday.
How will she do this? Can this ever be possible?


Tags: studenthumorouslightheartedbrilliantgeniuswittypoor to richschoolteacherclassmates
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The five-star general

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 Mr. Doris is sitting in his office. He dials a number via the table phone.

“Hello, I want to see you in my office now,” Mr. Doris said.

“Okay! Five-star general,” a voice said.

“Good,” Mr. Doris said and hangs up the phone call.

Few minutes later……


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