The First Legacies Of Zion: Omaye

The First Legacies Of Zion: Omaye


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The earth is about to burn, the sun which has been a source of warmth and light is about to go supernova and doing so would wipe out much of the milky way galaxy.

humanity's only hope for survival is to upload their collective conciousness into the virtual world of Zion, starting over as a digital race Rather than one of flesh and blood.

The Omaye family are amongst those who were able to get a chance to escape the incoming destruction of the earth. but this new world will test them all in more ways than one as this family would have look past their broken relationships, lives and characters and learn to put their differences aside to adapt and survive.

and not just to survive, but to grow and thrive..... to be masters of the land itself and fulfill a desire that they never could achieve on earth. to be a family


Tags: systemkickingmulti-charactermagical worldanother worldspecial abilityLitRPGMMORPGweak to strong
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