Eleven's Ghost

Eleven's Ghost


Ghada Fantasy

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The hastiness of the Sheitan lord brought a calamity that made the entire universe suffer terrible consequences. Only a blood bond will stop the crawling overwhelming evil. There is only one shot.

Eleven entered the dark room with tired eyes and bleeding arms. He gazed down at the ground, ignoring the cries of the baby that was sitting in its cradle under the moonlight.
He tilted his head backwards, whispering the baby’s name.
“Cry while you can…”
His lips quivered as his body slid to the ground.
He looked back down and smiled faintly at the baby that was crawling towards him. The baby lifted its arms, and a green light healed Eleven’s wounds. Eleven’s eyes widened. He crawled towards the baby and picked it up in his arms. He stared into the baby’s eyes and hugged it tightly. “I can never bring myself… to hate you.”
“Eleven. It’s time to go.”
Eleven glanced to the side and nodded slowly. He walked to the grey-haired man standing at the door and gave him his baby with a bitter smile. “Please… Protect him.”
The grey-haired took the baby in his arms and stared at Eleven in silence, his eyes frigid.
He watched Eleven walk in the silent dark hallway.
“Don’t die, Eleven.”

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