The Billionaire and the Banker

The Billionaire and the Banker


Tatienne Richard Romance

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Money doesn’t always make the world go ‘round. Occasionally, it brings it all to a screeching halt.
Magda Onassis and her two best friends have developed an application which has caused a frenzy amongst the banking world and will make her a billionaire at twenty-six. Since the age of eighteen when her family cut her off financially, all she has ever wanted was to gain her own financial independence and tell her parents to shove her rescinded trust fund up their haughty posteriors.
When presenting the project and a sales pitch to the company who beta-tested their app, Magda comes face-to-face with chairman and CEO of Winter Financials International, Ares Winter and sparks fly.
A notorious playboy according to the tabloids, Ares flirts hard with Magda with the intention of making her his next lover. It’s been a long time since a woman has captivated his attention the way she has and he will stop at nothing to make her his.
Magda finds herself caught between wondering if the handsome billionaire is trying to use her obvious attraction to him as a bargaining chip in their negotiations or desperately wanting to believe he is as attracted as she is.
Magda is no stranger to challenges in her life. Having an unsupportive family who have consistently tried to force her to do what she doesn’t want and dating experiences equivalent to scraping the bottom of the barrel in the cesspool of life, she is highly suspicious of the wealthy man’s intentions. With her best friends’ encouragement though she is ready to engage in the battle of wills with the man of her dreams.
The moment Magda becomes a billionaire, her life explodes. Her once quiet life of beaches and surfing is now filled with tabloid reporters, angry family, and a persistent beau. Moreover, ghosts of Ares’ past are haunting them and Magda’s life is on the line when their privacy is breached by the press and their relationship revealed.
Time is not on their side when Magda disappears and it’s unclear if she’s gone out of her own volition or if the culprit is the one person Ares has diligently worked for fifteen years to keep locked up and out of his life. Either way, urgency is paramount as Ares’ first chance at true love is at risk. He’s going to learn the hard way not everything in life is for sale, no matter how much money you have.


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