The Bautista clan 6:Mark Neil

The Bautista clan 6:Mark Neil


GAB Romance

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What is marriage? Is marriage can make two people stay together? Can marriage can make two people who are strangers to each other become one?

Fatimah didn't believe in marriage nor in love, for her, money is the most important thing in this world—no money means, no life.

She came from a very poor family, she's the breadwinner and no time for her self till someone — a very hot and good looking man— ask her a favor.

She needs to marry him. In order to get his inheritance to his family. And her being frustrated about money for her father's sickness— grabbed it.

She's fine, her life is good not until her heart gave her problems.

Mark Neil —her husband in paper— is making her heart going crazy, making her heart beating in abnormal way.

Will she survive? Or will she just go and leave him in order for her heart to go back to its normal beats.

But deym, her body couldn't agree with her mind. He heart is traitorous that doesn't want to beat the moment she left him.


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