Reign Of The Transported King

Reign Of The Transported King


1st Manga KING Fantasy

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A young boy who once dominated the whole gaming world and at the same time was hailed as a genius in studies due to his high IQ was transported to another world! He wasn’t much surprised when he was transported to another world but was surprised when he came to know that he just has to use English language to use magic! Join this extraordinary adventure with me!


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationdominantbxgkickingmagical worldanother worldwitchcraftrebirth/rebornweak to strong
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Removing The Curse

She was completely shocked to see that Rin had found out that she was the dragon.

She had never revealed this to anyone else and the fact that she was ancestor meant that she should have been a human like how Ryuk was, then her being a dragon was quite confusing.

Moreover, the fact that the secret was revealed itself was the biggest ……