The Alpha's Daughter

The Alpha's Daughter


Anatiel Fantasy

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Everyone thinks Summer's life is perfect. She's the Alpha's Daughter, born into wealth, privilege and power, but they couldn't be more wrong. Summer is her father's greatest disappointment - she wasn't supposed to be female. An Alpha can have a daughter as a third child, perhaps, but his firstborn not a future Alpha? It was unthinkable! Luca, her younger half brother and the future Alpha is spoiled, preferred because he is male, of course, and he doesn't challenge the Alpha as Summer does.
The Alpha wishes his daughter to mate well, and quickly, as it will help him garner prestige, and he intends to push Summer into a match, whether she wants it or not.
Follow Summer's journey as she undergoes her s****l awakening and finds her own sort of power despite challenges and hardships along the way.
Please note, this story includes s*x scenes including some non consensual s*x scenes


Tags: packsecretsWho Will Be Her Mates - 2023 Writing Contest to Win $57,900
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Chapter 75: The final Dinner Date

Summer sat at the dinner table as the group of men entered, each clamoring to greet her first. She smiled as she saw the familiar faces, and introduced herself to Alpha Theo and Alpha Darren. She encouraged Alpha Peter and Alpha Tobias to sit with her at first, engaging them in conversation. Summer enjoyed her time with the pair as they ate toge……


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