The Ruthless Alpha's Human Mate  ( M×M )

The Ruthless Alpha's Human Mate ( M×M )


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" Are you disobeying me, my mate " Alpha Landon asked, clearly amused by his mate's tantrums.
" Yes, I am " his mate John said, clearly not afraid of the ruthless Alpha standing in front of him.
" Looks like you have grown a spine, haven't you ? " Landon whispered in his mate's ear and smirked when he felt his mate shivered.
" I already had one from birth " John said still pushing up Landon's button.
" On your knees now " Landon said in a dominant voice and smacked his lips as his mate sitting on his knees, only for him.
Alpha Landon Ulrich , a hundred years old ruthless werewolf Alpha suddenly find himself mated to a nineteen year old college student , John Smith. Keep reading this to find out if love blossom between the two of them or they both suffered from an ultimate brutal rejection.


Tags: darktwistedbxbwerewolvessupernature earthsuperpowerDreame Love Story Contest
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Chapter 68 : The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon

Landon's P O V :

I woke up hearing the soft snores of the angel sleeping beside me. His head was on my chest as he snuggled towards me. A gentle smile formed on my lips as I felt his morning wood poking at my side. I pulled him closer to me and ruffled his hair. His smooth and silky hair passed through my fing……


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