2 Mates and Pregnant

2 Mates and Pregnant


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Layla found herself alone and hurt in the middle of the woods when she was a young pup. She was saved from being killed by rogues from a nearby pack called the Shadow Moon pack. They gave her a warm place to stay and food to eat.
Growing up all Layla wanted to do was to be able to find her family and find her mate. At the age of thirteen is when you first get your wolf and shift but at eighteen is when a wolf can sense his or her mate. When Layle finally becomes eighteen she hope that her mated was in this pack.
The night of a party celebrating years of peace between Allies packs , the Demon Wolf and Moon Goddess Pack. Trying to introducing myself to the other pack hoping to found my mate but before I got the chance I started to smell something sweet. the smell of sandalwood and honey was in the air. I followed the smell leading to the pack house pass the kitchen and up the stairs leading to the Alphas office.
Once I was Infront of the office door it swung open and Derek pulling me inside his office. He push me up against the wall capturing my lips with his. He had my hands pinned to the wall above my head while he deepen the kiss. As he kept kissing me he started to run his hands over my body, then he kiss down to my neck where my marking spot was and he lick, suck and lightly bit me causing me to moan out his name.
His hand cupped my right breast playing with my already hard n****e then his hand went down further towards my inner thigh. He slowly went under my dress then he ripped off my soaked panties and before I could realizing what he was doing he let go of my hands and lift me up wrapping my legs around his waist then he took out his swollen d**k from his pants and lined it up with my virgin p***y. he rammed hard inside me not letting me adjust to his size, at first it hurt but then it felt alot better.
He thrust hard inside me going in and out it felt so good, next he led us to the couch and lay me down while he snaked up towards me with a hungry look in his eyes. He licked his lips and attached his lips to my p***y devouring every bit of me.
I was a moaning mess and I felt a burning sensation building up inside of me that needed to erupt but then he stopped as he climbed on top of me he put his throbbing d**k back inside me and used his thumb to rub my c**t and that motion had me boiling over the edge. I told him I was coming and just like that we both came feeling weak and out of breath.
Derek got off of me and started to pace back and forth in the office, I didn't know what was going on but I knew Alpha Derek was my mate. After pacing he looked at me and said the worst thing you could say to your mate. My mate, my Alpha rejected me


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