His Destined Mate

His Destined Mate


Alcione02 Fantasy

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The story revolves around Zander; from the time he was a boy, growing up and dealing with family issues. How did he take it after her sister died and brought it back to life with no memories of her life? What about his life when he was sent to Italy to become a teacher and take care of their family business?
What will he do when he met a beautiful tour guide and found out that she is his mate? Of course, he’ll do everything to win her heart. But what if his mate turned out to be one of his students? A struggle. Not only that they had to hide their relationship, but the truth about her identity is also drawing a huge gap between them. And to make the situation even worse, demons attack and search for him.
Can Zander take care of all that’s happening around him? Will he be able to fully claim what’s his?


Tags: teacherxstudentkickass heroineprinceweredragonbxglightheartedcampussuperpowermusclebearprofessorStary Writing Academy IIIDreame Love Story ContestSummer Update Programme
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Aurelio felt like he was drenched in ice-cold water when he heard what Zafira wanted. Rejection was never an option with their kind so hearing his mate suggest such a thing not only broke his heart but also surprised him big time.

“W-What do you mean by that?” he asked.

 Zafira looked at him. She looks at him trying to gauge him a……


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