Quantum Leap Vol 8 Harris Treaty July 29, 1858

Quantum Leap Vol 8 Harris Treaty July 29, 1858


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The blue light had a warm and fuzzy feeling as it spreads out to my fingers and toes. I closed my eyes in anticipation as I would not know where I would end up after this. As the feeling died down, I slowly opened up my eyes and slowly adjusted to the light and blurry figures in front of me.

When everything had regained its focus, I was shocked...! Here I was... Back in the Edo period...! In the doorway of the house belonging to Hiko Seijuro...! "Eeeehhh...?!? What had happened right now...?!? I am supposed to Leap to another era, but why am I still here...?!? Can someone answer me, please...???"

I looked at my hands and feet and it still remained like a kid. I looked at my clothes and it was still fitting for a child. I subconsciously grope for my crotch and found that I still have my Odachi and nuggets...!


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationcomedybisexualmultiverseanother worldfaceslappingrebirth/rebornweak to strongWriting Academy
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