Gigantic Beasts Must Fall

Gigantic Beasts Must Fall


IP Spall Game

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With a strange new game under his arm, Gareth was eager to get home, fired up by his new discovery. He knew deep down that it was just a game, but the mere thought of battling such fantastical and colossal creatures, whilst travelling to strange new worlds, was just too much to be ignored.

As soon as he arrived back at the flat, he laid the game out, unknowingly committing himself to whatever might lie ahead. To his astonishment the game was real, as he found himself transported through time and space, waking up in another man’s body, on a bizarre new alien world.

As the game progressed, Gareth faced the most horrific and terrifying creatures, often placing himself in harm’s way, but with a new found confidence achieved with each kill, a personal obsession was then fuelled by his compulsion to complete the game.

With every play, he found himself in many weird and wonderful places, times and dimensions. With courage and confidence, he suffered and endured both the benefits and consequences of battling such beasts, as his life slowly changed in various ways, with each level completed.

In a set of frightening scenarios, he slowly led himself towards the final battle, where he found himself facing something beyond all comprehension; he fought bravely and reaped the biggest reward, sadly paying the ultimate price for his great success.


Tags: seriousstraightgame playerrealistic earthMMORPG
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Chapter 15: Arsenal of Weapons


Arsenal of Weapons

At the start of each new game, a white card must be taken by the player to fulfil the entry process into a new adventure. These unnamed white cards will contain a gift for the player, which the user can use once entered into the game play, or as and when they are required. These gifts will come in……


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