The Single Teacher Mommy                      (Railen Jazz & Kiara Celestine)

The Single Teacher Mommy (Railen Jazz & Kiara Celestine)


MhaiPsych19 Romance

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Kiara Celestine Real, one of the Real twins and a product of second chance marriage. She's living her imperfect but satisfied life. She is a person who helps other to acquire knowledge and values. She always believe that everything happens for a reason. Just like how she believes the purpose as she took the responsibility being a parent to a baby she saw in the orphanage door left by someone. But one thing she can't ever understand accept the reason why a man from her past come back to make her feel the unfamiliar warmth of her heart again.It took years for them to see each other again. She knows that she already closed and locked away her heart. Can she really ignore the feeling she's keeping? Can she let a chance slip for them to be together? Or she will remain a single teacher mommy for ther rest of her life.


Tags: HEdecisivesingle motherheir/heiressbxblightheartedmysterylosercampusaddicted to lovenursecivilian
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Special Chapter II: Dating

Time really flies fast. When I say fast, I say it really comes into a time wherein your only daughter will opposing you about her dating.

"I can't see why I'm not allowed to date someone, Daddy! You didn't give Kuya a hard time when he started dating!" My daughter answered back, her voice getting a pitch higher.

I frown……


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