My Genuine Love for Him (Agent Dark Gaze Series #1)

My Genuine Love for Him (Agent Dark Gaze Series #1)


PreciousPearl Romance

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Jhon Kher Dylan Dela Cruz Davis is one of those people who loved to watch detective Conan and play spy games, so when he grew up, he became a secret agent. He was born rich. He had a cold personality. But his asset to every one girl's eyes is the tattoo painted on his wrist. The tattoo means Dark Gaze, it's translated into another language, a symbol of their association as agents, that gave him an almost bad boy appearance.

Monica Reign Villanueva is an innocent and provincial woman. A simple girl with a pure heart, but she didn't have a boyfriend since birth. She's always wearing a white blouse advertising a car that was old years back. Her jeans were too big for her slim body, yes she's wearing outdated clothes that don't fit her because she can't afford new clothes.

But what if the path of the two of them would meet? How can they get along if they have different characteristics? Especially since they both live under the same roofs?

Dylan had a bad experience with the woman he loved, so that's why he hates provincial girls so much. In his mind, Reign is just like a random girl chasing him because of his look and wealth.

But there are days when you will be tested and your belief in life will change. Reign was one of those people used by destiny to change his opinions on life.

JD forgot the painful past and became happy again, but what if his ex-girlfriend returned? The worst is what if he found out that he was married to his ex-girlfriend? Should they continue or just forget about each other?

Who will JD Choose?

The first love Diana Timanielle who left him but now returns to rebuild their own family or Reign who was used by destiny to let him know that someone still loves him even at his worst?


Tags: billionairemanipulativebadboygoodgirlgangsterdramacaptaindetectivecampusslice of life
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MADILIM ang paligid ng dumating kami sa destinasyon. The car stopped at a tall silver gate. Harris opened the car window and spoke to the man in black. I was just next to the man so I could see what he was wearing. I was amazed because they were like MIB's in the ninja turtle that children often watch in the market of Coron.



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